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Mallachie Guest Information

We Hope You Have a Great Stay

Getting to Mallachie

The post code for Mallachie is PH24 3BP. When in the village of Boat of Garten, turn in to Kinchurdy Road. The turn is opposite the post office.
Follow the road for approximately half a mile. Mallachie is on your right. It is opposite the house with the tin roof and next to Pine Ridge Lodge.

Keys for the house

The keys for the house are located in the key box which is on the back of the garage.
Pick up the keys before going up to the house. Please remember to put the keys back when you leave!
Key box combination:                     6819


The network name:        SKYZD9AI
Password:                         3JHIEbwayRQL
Download are unlimited but download speeds are modest but this is the fastest that we could source in the area.

Sky Television

There is a sky box in the upstairs and the downstairs sitting rooms. There is a range of channels and this generally works well. You can also stream your online services such as Netflix (PIN 1234) or Disney+ through the boxes. Remember to sign out at the end of your stay.

Apple TV

There is an Apple TV in the downstairs sitting room. This has a film library of over 120 films. 
Turn on the Apple TV by clicking the central button the remote. On the television navigate to the output for the Apple TV. In the opening screen click either movies or TV shows and then select purchased and navigate to the show of your choice.

Sonos Music Player

You can play all the music on your phone through the Sonos play1.

Steps to set up Sonos:

  1. Turn on the power to the Sonos player.

  2. Download the Sonos app to your phone, tablet, or computer that is connected to the WiFi network.

  3. Open the Sonos app and select "connect to existing system".

  4. Click next, then click done.

  5. You will then be able to play any music on your device through the Sonos.

Breakages, Damages and Cleaning

Please leave a note of anything that is broken or damaged when you leave. This will help Vacation Rental Support when preparing for our next guests.

Please leave the house as you found it. You will have a full supply of towels and linen for your stay. Please ring if you need additional items.

Cot and Highchair

The cot and high chair are stored in the cupboard in upstairs twin room. We would be very grateful if you would clean these when used.

Wood burning stove and fire pit

The handle of the wood burning stove is removable and this prevents it getting hot. There is a glove provided in the case that it is left on. There is a supply of logs in the log store behind the house.
It is essential that the fire pit is used safely. Please be aware of wind condition, do not leave unattended and ensure that all young people are adequately supervised. 
The sheepskins and rugs in the sun room are for use by the fire pit but please ensure they do not get burnt.
It is also very important that you are careful about levels of noise and be mindful of your neighbours

Central Heating and Hot Water

The house is heated by storage heaters. These come on overnight and are very effective at keeping the house warm. There are panel heaters in the bedrooms. These are not usually needed. If the house is too hot turn off some of the storage heaters at the wall next to the heater.
The hot water is thermostatically controlled and should be on all the time. It usually heats up quickly if the tank is emptied. Make sure that the switch on the timer is placed to on.
You do not need to have the switch next to the timer on at all.

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are commonly found in quiet, undisturbed parts of your home, such as attics and wall voids. They are common in rural areas such as Boat of Garten. They require warm places to hibernate over winter.
You may see a group of cluster flies around a window, as they are attracted to the light on sunny winter days (spring and autumn). These are treated regularly by Rentokil ( and are no cause for concern.


The manuals for the appliances are in the bottom left drawer in the kitchen

The dustbin collection and recycling days can be found here

Trampoline and Swing

Ensure that young people are adequately supervised when using the swing or trampoline at all time.

Rules for the trampoline

Never allow more than one (1) person on the trampoline at a time. Multiple jumpers increases the chance of someone becoming injured. Jumpers may collide with one another, fall off the trampoline, fall on or through the springs, or land incorrectly on the mat.

Always secure the trampoline against unauthorized and unsupervised use.

Inspect the trampoline before each use and replace any worn, defective, or missing parts.The following conditions could represent potential hazards: (1) Missing, improperly positioned, or insecurely attached frame padding, (2) Punctures, frays, tears, or holes worn in the bed or frame padding, (3) Deterioration in the stitching or fabric of the bed or frame padding, (4) Ruptured springs, (5) A bent or broken frame, (6) A sagging bed, or sharp protrusions on the frame or suspension system.

Adult supervision of children - Children should always be supervised while they are playing on the trampoline fitted with a Bounce Surround and should be instructed not to use it in an inappropriate or hazardous manner. In particular be aware of: Use trampoline surround only with mature, knowledgeable supervision Do not attempt to jump over the barrier Do not attempt to crawl under the barrier. Do not intentionally rebound off the barrier. Do not hang from, kick, cut or climb on the barrier. Wear clothing free of drawstrings, hooks, loops or anything that could get caught in the barrier. Do not attach anything to the barrier that is not a manufacturer-approved accessory or part of the surround system. Enter and exit the surround only at the surround door or barrier opening designated for that purpose.

1. Always bounce in the centre of the bed. Bouncing near the edge of the bed can lead to injury and can also stretch the springs.

2. Avoid bouncing too high. Stay low until you can control your bounce and land consistently in the middle of the bed.

3. Learn basic bounces and body positions thoroughly before trying more advanced skills. Attempting a manoeuvre beyond present skill levels increases the chance of loss of control. A controlled jump is one where the landing is in the same spot as the take off. Before learning a more difficult manoeuvre, the preceding one should be performed consistently under control.

4. Do not attempt somersaults without proper instruction and supervision. Landing on your head or neck, even in the middle of the trampoline mat increases the risk of a broken neck, which can result in paralysis or death.

5. To regain control and stop your jump, bend your knees sharply when you land.

6. Do not bounce for too long or when tired.

7. Do not use the trampoline when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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